In the face of increasingly serious environmental pollution and shortage of natural resources, we are committed to the “Green Environment Protection for the benefit of future generations” and the current environmental protection + blockchain + digital assets + The technology of environmental protection application of data, as an energy conservation and environmental protection intelligent advocate, pioneered the energy compensation model, prompting everyone to participate in environmental protection projects and establish the concept of caring for the environment. The earth is the common home of all things and living together. The symbiosis and common prosperity comes from the harmony of all things. We need everyone to participate in the protection and construction of the ecological environment. With the appreciation of GST, our ultimate goal is to make enough people in the green world to participate. The economic foundation and spontaneously make a contribution to the global environmental protection cause.
A team of top-notch IoT and blockchain technologies, environmentally friendly application teams, unique technology advantages for blockchain IoT and environmentally friendly applications
Based on the cross-border integration of blockchain and environmentally-friendly IoT, we will create an innovative industrial chain to help the development of the world's environmental protection cause.
Solve the pain of the regulatory authorities, sewage companies, environmental protection companies, and the public. Green World Ecology has developed a different program model for each sector.
Technical realization
1. Technical background, based on blockchain technology to create a public-chain environmental protection ecology, establish a value Internet system, and create a convenient, borderless, secure and private encryption asset and an environmental infrastructure that serves billions of people around the world. 2, blockchain operating system, the first support WREN programming language, green space and ETH's vision is similar, build a variety of smart contract applications in the underlying operating system, up to millions of TPS, parallel local chain can reach milliseconds The speed of confirmation makes each software achieve high performance support. 3. Technological innovation, using blockchain technology to achieve innovation. Today's blockchain technology is the basis for green space to achieve virtual asset innovation. There are three core technologies: consensus mechanism, cryptography, and distributed data storage. 4, technical advantages, efficient, flexible, lightweight, participation, convenience, and security.
Josh Swihart
Nathan Wilcox
Zooko Wilcox
Research Fellow of the Green Finance Institute, Copenhagen Business School, Warsaw School of Economics, Rotterdam School of Management, International Business Politics and CEMS International Management, Master's degree, Paris University of Political Science, formerly served by UN-HABITAT and the Global Compact.
In 2012, he contacted Bitcoin. In 2017, he began to systematically research blockchain technology and encrypted digital assets ICO. He has invested in high-quality projects such as EOS, Filecoin and Cybermiles. He is a major member of XDAG China community development and operation. Founder of "BW Investment".

The core development team of Sogou Big Data Platform is responsible for ETL, core indicator calculation, task monitoring and scheduling optimization, participation in anti-cheating and recommendation algorithm research. Contribute code and submit security vulnerability patches for multiple open source projects.
Environmental protection mall
The environmental protection mall will serve the real economy and rely on policies to lead consumption upgrades and innovative consumption.
Environmental data trading market
“Distributed One-Certificate” pollution source management model to promote the authenticity of various environmental protection data
Major league of enterprises
Committed to the integration of the world's elite, and jointly promote the development of global environmental protection.
Through the contribution to the environment, the corresponding life service platform points are obtained.
Life service platform
Integrate with the blockchain "double-chain" to optimize resource allocation in the supply chain system.
Game entertainment platform
Create the world's first environmental protection game platform and launch a series of environmentally friendly theme games.
Digital trading platform
To build the first new joint-stock enterprise trading market with energy resources as the core in the energy-saving industry.
Public welfare
Support high-frequency data trading, smart contract development and friendly third-party Dapp applications.
2019 Q3
2020 Q1
2020 Q4
2019 Q1、Q2
2019 Q4
2020 Q2
The project started preparation, started market research, and the founding team started.
The release of the beta version 1.0, the assets on-line circulation, the community global activities started, the development of version 2.0, the green sector project into the deepening stage.
Continuous main network research and development, 2.0 product comprehensive upgrade. Launch global eco-community application construction
Get the cornerstone investment
Continuously create ecological applications
Main online line, online global corporate environmental protection alliance service, comprehensively create green ecology

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